Can you afford to keep smoking?

We’re all about living the healthy lifestyle here at MyCityBynight and considering all of the laws against smoking being passed in South Africa we figured that there was no better time than the present to stop smoking.
Apart from the obvious health benefits that quitting smoking affords you (lack of ashtray breath is definately up there with reduced chances of contracting lung and heart disease) there are also significant benefits for your pockets too.
Think about this- A 40 ciggy a day habit (i know, who the hell smokes that many?) currently costs our black lunged breatheren around R18 000 a year and thats not even taking into account the innumberable burnt t-shirts, sheets and lighters that need to be replaced. If you were to carry on smoking and bank on an inflation rate of a very ordinary 10% per annum, you’d effectively be paying somewhere in the region of R250 000 a year to support the same habit in 20 years time.
With over 25billion eintjies smoked in SA last year the government has walked away with around R12.6 Billion in sin taxes of your hard earned cash. Soon you wont even be able to smoke under an umbrella if its open as this in techinical terms would also be defined as an awning- maybe its time to quit or alternatively be prepared to cough up (see what i did there, haha)
Ok enough preaching… Enjoy the midweek madness, its Wednesday… BOOOOM!

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