Can A Ladder Get You Into Anywhere?

Can A Ladder Get You Into Anywhere?


This is something I’m definitely guilty of – whenever I see someone with a ladder I just assume they’ve arrived to do some important work with these portable steps to the sky. You just sort of think that they’re there to do something that you couldn’t be bothered to do and so just let them get on with it.

Comedians Troy Kinne and Steve Filp tested this out by carrying around ladders all day, trying to gain access to places, which would usually require you to pay an entrance fee or even have some level of security clearance to get into. Strangely enough, they were able to get into pretty much anywhere, as long as they had a ladder with them.

This is definitely something you need to keep in mind if there’s a place that you’d desperately love to get into (although you’ll need to lug a massive ladder around with you for it to work). Have a look at the social experiment and let us know what you think – does carrying a ladder around get you instant access to anywhere?

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