Calvertron @ Assembly


The event details have finally been published:

Likened only to the wretchedness of Hell by the civilised world, Electric City is a plethora of sex, lawlessness, possibility and music. The city is perpetually shrouded in ominous dark clouds as if the sun couldn’t bear to illumine such hedonistic anarchy. But the beauty, and the palpable potential for absolutely anything the senses could desire, brings this dark and magical place to life.

On Friday 14 May 2010 you are summoned to once again bare witness to the anarchy and mayhem that is Electric City.

Overseeing the delirium will be International sensation, and one of the most prolific Wardens of this generation – CALVERTRON being flown in all the way from the old world for this night. Arguably one of the biggest names in the International Fidget and Electro arenas and a pioneer of the sound – Calvertron is one of the most sought after names in the business right now and he’ll be here –for one night only – bringing you his blend of the filthiest, harshest, freshest -panic attack inducing, dancefloor shattering, earth moving – Oh my God I think I just shat my pants beats guaranteed to leave your perceptions altered for good.

Along with Calvertron, we have some of Cape Town’s finest DJ’s joining him on the night. They are as follows:

Main Floor:

  • The legendary Kosta K,
  • Ryan Murgatroyd,
  • El Gordo,
  • Pascal and Pearce

Second floor:

  • Ducking Fogshow,
  • Leyton Lee,
  • Josh Borril and
  • The Roundhouse Kids.

Date: Friday, 14th of May 2010 @ The Assembly

Doors open at 10PM
Tickets available at the door at a cost of R70
Presold tickets available via at a cost of R50.

ROAR – NO U18’s – Government ID Required (ID / Passport / Driver License)

I’d get my pre sold if I were you, cause if this is anything like the last electric City, then we are in for one awesome night. Plus Calvertron… The guy is going to blow the roof off the Assembly! I seriously cant wait for this one.


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