Calling all tattoo enthusiasts! The South African International Tattoo Convention is here



The South African International Tattoo Convention will attract droves of tattoo enthusiasts to Cape Town this March at the Cape Town International Convention Centre between the 24th and 26th March 2017.

The SAITC has its roots in Cape Town and was founded by talented tattoo artist and founder of Cape Electric Tattoo, Waldo Del Rocca.

Waldo and his Cape Electric Tattoo team have been hailed as one of the most reputable tattoo studios in the country, as well as the world due to their unwavering policies when it comes to perfect hygiene in the studio, sterile and clean environments, and their reluctance to tattoo first timers in certain parts of their body. (first -timers don’t get neck, hands or face tattoos). It’s because of both their prowess with the artform and their respect of it that got them recognised by international standards.

This year Cape Electric Tattoo with the help of sponsor Lucky Supply have amassed a gargantuan amount of talented tattooers from around the globe, with artists pouring in from the USA, South Korea, the UK, Australia as well as many talented tattooers from other reputable local tattoo studios/

Among this 70+ list of talented artists are the following highly sought after artists to be on the lookout for:

Amanda Wachob: Amanda is a talented tattooer and installation artist hailing from NYC, her style is an elegant and beautiful watercolour approach.

Katie Gray: A talented tattooer flying in from Chico, California who specialises in her signature contemporary blackwork, a more modern approach to black and grey Americana

Austin Mample: A tattooer based in San Francisco bringing his unique take on American traditional along with him to the convention.

Matt Curzon: An Australian tattooer visiting us from Melbourne, specializing in dark themed neo-traditional tattoos using unique colour palettes.

Thea Duskin: A talented tattooer from Richmond, Virginia with over 20 years of experience and the co-owner and curator of her own tattoo studio in Richmond. Her style is one that is mixed but she seems to so specialize in high colour, watermark styled pieces.

And of course Waldo Del Rocca himself, the founder of the SAITC and one of South Africa’s most reputable tattooers.

Here is the full list of artists attending next weekend. One thing the organisers of the SAITC want to capture with this year’s convention, is the attention of not only those who have tattoos, but also those who’ve always been interested in the culture, whether it be someone like myself who has always wanted a tattoo but can’t decide or someone who appreciates the art of tattoos.

Many have asked, how do I get a tattoo done at the convention? Do I need to make an appointment? Here are some frequently asked questions, answered. Firstly appointments are not required as this convention features a “walk up” culture, which means the artists do take walk-ins but this depends on availability. Tattoo costs will vary depending on both time and size. Be sure to take cash along with you, but if need be there are ATMs at the CTICC where one can draw cash if need be. Don’t expect to rock up and be able to get temporary tattoos, this is the real deal.

Does it hurt? Probably one of the first questions, many of us without tattoos ask. Yes, it does. The next question you’re asking is, can I be drunk for the pain, and no you cannot. No tattoo artist will tattoo an individual under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you have more FAQ’s be sure to check out the SAITC website’s page:


All in all, the South African Tattoo Convention is here for everyone. Anyone who loves the culture, anyone who wants to learn more, see some of the world’s best in action and of course those who are itching to be tattooed by their favourite artists visiting from far and wide. Tickets are on sale here:


We’ve got 2 double tickets to the Tattoo Convention.

Simply comment below with your favourite artist who’ll be at the Tattoo Convention from the list above.


Winners announced on the 23rd of March.

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  1. I’m getting tattooed by Wan from South Korea. well im really hoping to as I’m working this weekend and gona escape on Sunday. A free ticket would be lekker a shoot I can put it towards what will probably be a pricey tat. Dankie !!!

  2. Tamar Thorn Has been a favourite of mine since I first stepped foot in Body Architects!

  3. Tamar Thor hands down, her portraits, style and professionalism is out of this world.

  4. Raoul Goetze – the man has made me fall inlove with the art oncemore

  5. Would love to get a flower done by Amanda Wachob. Her use of colour is just amazing.

  6. oh my, this is too exciting. I’m dying to meet Ms. Amanda Wachob!! ♡ such a beautiful artist , hope she can squeeze me in!

  7. Waldo del Rocca, because I actually know zero about tattoo artists… but I want to know more and that’s why I would LOVE tickets please 🙂 🙂

  8. Alaistair artist. He did my very first tattoo years ago and I have watched him grow into an amazing artist through out the years. I really wish i could go to this 🙁

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