Cafe Caprice Boy Auction

In what has become a  bit of a tradition in Cape Town, the Cafe Caprice Boy Auction is back to get all the mooiness a little bit hot under the collar. Cafe Caprice and Grey Goose are once again teaming up to put on an auction where 4 man-mooiness are “sold” to the highest female bidders in an attempt to raise over R25 000 for Sisters Incorporated, a Cape-based safe house for abused women and children. There’s never been a better cause for to be a little bit of a capitalist.

On 12 August from 18h30 at Cafe Caprice, Cape Town’s most renowned beach bar, Surf Pro, actor, TV presenter and model Dene Botha (pictured above), The Wilde actor and model Tyrone Keogh (pictured below), Expresso presenter and model Graeme Richards, Sean Sanders, and Heat Man Watch winner, USN ambassador and model Christo Du Plessis, will be doing it for the children, and invite all you mooiness to join in the action and support the cause.

Natalie Becker will be steering things from behind the mic with enough Grey Goose cocktails circulating to ensure that enough cash is raised in this girls-only evening. Each guest will receive a gift-crammed goodie bag and leave with a smile on her face I’m sure.

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