Buy a Merc with a Collision-Prevent-Assist-System – make sure Hitler never happens

hitler mercedes ad

This is a commercial that was made as part of the final thesis of some students from the Film Academy in Ludwigsburg, Germany that features a cheeky approach to marketing one of the key features of the new generation of Mercedes motor vehicles. Collision Prevention Assist “detects dangers before they come up” and this was the selling point that led to the creation of this faux-commercial, which took the car technology back in time to Braunau am Inn, the Austrian town where Adolf Hitler was born and grew up, around the time that he would have been a little boy there.

Long story short… the car avoids killing other children in the village and then speeds up to end Boy-Hitler, running him over and leaving him curled up in a swastika pose on the floor. Mercedes caught wind of the fake ad and were pretty upset, forcing the students to add blatantly obvious disclaimers to the videos after they received over a million views in the first 3 days of being online (but they still let them keep the videos up, presumably because of the additional free exposure that they were receiving for their Collision Prevention Assist feature).

The ad would never make to a television set but does get the point across in a rather memorable way. What do you think?

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