Business Meetings Are so 2001 – Stop Wasting Everyone’s Time and Use These Alternatives.


The old school reasoning that having every employee under the same the roof – working at the same pace, for the same duration in the same old environment promotes productivity and creativity – is an absolute myth. In fact, studies have shown that remote workers are more engaged with both their work and colleagues than those who actually have to go into an office.

Another perk of working remotely is the fact that you get to avoid an array of pointless, time-consuming meetings. Meetings are not only where ideas go to die, they are also a place where drive goes to procrastinate,  a place to watch valuable minutes being shaved off your life and career often for the most minuscule agendas.

If you are freelancer looking to put an end to aimlessly wasting hours getting to and from meetings or maybe an employer looking to boost productivity in the office, here are seven (obvious) platforms to consider implementing before you schedule that 2-hour death trap called a meeting.


Email. If it can all be said in one mail, SAY IT IN ONE EMAIL.
WhatsApp groups. Never in history has it been easier to get a message across to groups and groups of people. Ask everyone to reply with a tick emoji to verify they have received your information.
Google Hangouts – Video Call with up to 25 people.
Skype. Also, host up to 25 people per video chat. Need we say anymore?
Facebook Messanger – reprimand up 50 of your teammates in one go!
Snapchat offers up to 16 people in video chat and 32 in voice chat.
Facetime currently only offers 2 people per video chat but will have a capacity for up to 32 people this September.

Of course, there are those meetings that need to happen face to face but 95% of the time that simply is not the case. Reconsider how you can streamline your day and offer your colleagues and employees the chance to get more out of their hours each day.

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