Burning Man CEO speaks out against Instagram culture and bans concierge-style camp


Long-time burners have finally had their cries heard about the skewed evolution of Burning Man that has been taking place over the past few years.

In a lengthy blog post Burning Man CEO, Marian Goodell called for a “cultural course correcting” of the event, stating that the gathering has slowly but surely become commodified via social media and brands indirectly aligning themselves with Black Rock City. Goodell also discusses “convenience culture” in reference to all-inclusive Burning Man packages sold by businesses reminding would-be attendees that Burning Man is not a typical festival and that the invitation to participate in it is more than just an invitation to have an amazing experience, “it’s about CREATING that experience for yourself and those around you,” she says.

The post goes on to reveal some major changes that Burning Man will be implementing to ensure that those willing to make the trek to Black Rock City are ready to contribute, and will help deter concierge-type camps from purchasing blocks of tickets on behalf of their would-be clients. Changes will be seen in their ticketing and strict vetting on themed camps – Camp Humano was specifically uninvited to Burning Man 2019. “The camp a had a poor ‘leave no trace’ record for three years, had a very poor 2018 environmental compliance record including multiple BLM citations, and was the subject of many complaints from neighbouring camps,” Goodell explains.

This is not the first time luxury camps have received flak from the playa. In 2016, burners destroyed the high-end camp called ‘White Ocean’ in a protest. The founders of the themed site, DJ Paul Oakenfold and some son of a Russian billionaire took to Facebook to tell the public how invaders raided their camp, dumped water all over it, glued the trailer doors shut and cut the power, leaving the site with no refrigeration or electricity.

The most liked response to the White Ocean ‘out-cry post’ was someone who said their campsite vandals were “taking Burning Man back from the parasite class, back from the EDM tourists” and it seems Marian Goodell is out to do the same. Read her full blog post on Burning Man’s ‘Cultural Course Correction’ on burningman.org


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