Burger King has just hired top gamers in the world to take your Burger King Order.

No this isn’t a joke, and we are not quite sure how we feel about this new stint of blatant capitalism. Burger King has just released a press release via email introducing their new style of take-out restaurant – Burger Clan- a hired team of the top professional gamers in the world who will not only join your games but will also take your Burger King order because “Nothing beats a good game online… well, maybe hunger.”

Infiltrating something special and sacred to most, Burger King will now hire some of the top gamers in the world to not only join your games but with the permission of Sony PlayStation, take your burger king orders and obviously up-sale what they can because – commission right?  Thank God this travesty has only been launched in Spain so far and is currently only taking place on the weekends, so the rest of the world can sigh a breath of relief. We actually hope this doesn’t fly, I mean, is anything sacred anymore? Watch their ridiculous promo video here and have yourself a little lol while you shed a tear.

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