Burger King Hands Free Kit – Now nothing can stop you from eating


In some more ridiculous news, Burger King Puerto Rico and DLC/Ogilvy & Mather have collaborated to celebrate the fast food joint’s 50th anniversary by designing and giving away a hands-free burger eating kit. Using their CRM database, they managed to identify their 50 most loyal burger eating customers (so basically their fattest?) and rewarded them with a Hands-Free Whopper device.

The hands-free kit allows the user to get on with their lives by taking away the hassle of holding a Burger King Whopper with their hands while eating it. To illustrate the benefits of using the device instead of your own hands to eat some Burger King, they put this illustrative and informative video together.

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  1. hahaha, Americans are so lazy!! “Taking away the hassle of holding a Burger King Whopper.” If you bought it to eat, why is it a hassle?

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