Bunny gets swooped by Hawk moments after being released

bunny swooped by hawk

Awww, cute – bunny! This rather caring family from Virginia in the US, thought that they would take it upon themselves to look after and nurse a little bunny back to full health.

After a week of intensive care, Krammer the bunny was ready and strong enough to return back into the wild on his own. Unfortunately, a hawk that was circling the area saw the bunny as lunch:

‘Our little bunny that we found in the garage. Fed him for a week and let him go. Unfortunately the hawk had other plans…

-Joey Gore wrote on his YouTube page.

Just remember that some days you’re the hawk and other days you’re the bunny. Have a good week.


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  1. You idiots – should have left the rabbit where it was to begin with – return back to the wild in the middle of the city? Give me a break! Hawks kill by sinking razor-sharp talons into their prey, often begin skinning the prey before it is dead. How would you like to die this way? THINK about what you are doing next time.

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