Bucket List

So here we are 2011.

With my birthday fast approaching, I’m once again reminded that ‘Time waits for no man,’ or in my case, woman.
I’m overwhelmed with the strangest feeling after my exciting two-week road trip – boredom! In my mind looms the thought of heading back to work in the morning, and it almost makes me want to vomit – this is not what I envisioned my life to be 10yrs ago.
This year up to now has helped me tick a phenomenal amount of boxes off my bucket list though, but yet, I’m left feeling somewhat unsatisfied.

I reflect back on my life thus far, and while most of it has been very exciting, but I’m hungry for more. More experiences! Seeing more of my country and the world. Eating strange foods, walking down undiscovered paths, doing things that test my limits!

I’ve been advised however, that this awkward feeling is normal… WTF?!
Apparently, when most people hit their late 20’s, they re-evaluate life and their accomplishments.

So I’ve made a decision. I’m going to make a list of all the things I still want to see or do.
Then I need to decide how rooted I am?
With “Eye of the Tiger’ resonating in my ears, I need to decide if I do have the ‘Guts and Glory’ to face the new challenges that this year might hold.
Can I take the leap of faith needed to overcome the hurdles that I see on the track ahead?

I’m hoping to dig deep… right to the core! I want to be able to get to the finish line of 2011 with a feeling of satisfaction… being able to look at the story that unfolded with a feeling of contentment.
I’m excited when I think of all the possibilities… all the uncharted water that’s left to sail (and I mean that in the physical realm too).
From Skydiving, to Shark Cage Diving, to doing my Advanced Diving Course, to Climbing Kilimanjaro, taking up Salsa lessons, to getting some new ink on my body, to the simple things, like changing my daily routine…

I’m even looking into doing something out of my physical ability – like the Argus (which I found out I cannot enter anymore due to entries being close) or maybe the 94.7 Cycle Challenge – if anyone has a bike to sponsor this would of course help matters greatly!
All I know, is something’s gotta give – before I chew my arm off in the hope that it leads to something exhilarating.

Maybe it’s because it’s the start of the New Year, or maybe many of you are feeling exactly the same as I am?
Do you have any quick fixes or ideas on how to somehow make this gap inside feel less like a gaping wound, and maybe more like an opportunity waiting to be claimed? Or even better… is there someone who would like to embark and share in some new challenges with me?

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  1. I feel the same way an want to take 2011 by the hair an make it my errrm let’s just say year. Count me in. Tired of waiting. I want adventure and to experience everything this crazy messed up world has to offer.

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