Bryan Adams Is Quite The Photographer

Most of you, myself included, know Bryan Adams for his signing and the song that’s playing in the background while you were pulling your chick and copping a right breast feel at your school discos.

Turns out though, he is quite the photographer.

He works mainly in the portrait and fashion photography. He has shot the likes of Mickey Rouke, Victoria Beckham, Lucy Liu, Billy Idol, Jared Leto and even Die Antwoord to name but a few. Helps being famous already to get the likes of the portraits he’s done.

He has collaborated with Zoo Magazine, Vogue, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair.

I reckon we should get him in for our new up and coming Monday Mooiness shoots that we going to start doing.

Look out Mario Testino, Bryan is coming to get you!

Enjoy the gallery.

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