Brutal Fruit makes Cranberry Cheeky with Kim Kardashian in SA

If you, like some of us here at MyCityByNight, are fans of fruity alcoholic beverages (the ginger one) you’d know that Brutal Fruit just come up with a brand new flavour called Cheeky Cranberry & that they have enlisted the help of US model & TV hotty, Kim Kardashian to help launch the flavour in South Africa next week. If you didn’t… now you do

The rather well endowed Kim announced her visit to the country via Skype from Los Angeles during a glittering launch event held at the exclusive ZAR Lounge in Sandton, Johannesburg on the 14th of October. Apparently the rather tasty Miss K will be joined by her younger sister Khloe to party up a storm alongside the MyCityByNight crew and the rest of the country.

Andile Luswazi, the Brutal Fruit Brand Manager had this to say:

“Kim is the perfect match for the Brutal Fruit brand. From her fun, vibrant and exuberant personality to her stylish and sophisticated look, she is the embodiment of everything a cheeky girl should be,”

As part of a process to build the excitement around the launch of the new flavour Cheeky Cranberry a couple of lucky Facebook fans won A3 Cabriolets handed over by local personality Bonang Matheba who has been chosen as the Brutal Fruit Cheeky Cranberry ambassador and party hostess. Bonang will be hosting all the launch parties and will be joined by the Kardashian sisters at two exclusive parties in Cape Town and Johannesburg. During these events, further Audi A3 Cabriolets will be given away by the cheeky trio (please choose us).

Along with the brand new Cheeky Cranberry flavour, all those keen for some fruitiness can choose from Brutal Fruit’s yummy flavours – Lavacious Lemon, Manic Mango, Luscious Litchi, Sultry Strawberry, Passionate Peach and Berryluscious.

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  1. o the joys. yet another useless twat that got famous doing fuckall is coming to SA. yawn. let me go watch paint dry, its more interesting than her.
    unless she has lesbian sex with paris who actually cares?

  2. Where is it happening in joburg 2nite I would love to see kim and khloe please email me the location

    1. We’ve tried to find out- the PR company thats handling it is clearly off today… Hopefully they’ll let us know about the other dates and venues soon! 🙂

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