Bros before Hoes – Is this Guy Code To The Max?

bros before hoes

You may be slightly concerned with the use of the phrase Bros before Hoes due to its unbelievably derogatory nature (and I completely agree – just for the record), but I urge you to look beyond it to the social experiment devised by Youtube prankster Aria Inthavong. It’s a well known truth that men around the World seem to acknowledge the existence of an overarching set of rules for life, called the Guy Code. This is the same code that frowns upon dating your best friend’s ex or taking a crap on the lounge carpet after crashing on your mate’s couch. It keeps men from becoming complete savages (okay maybe that’s a touch dramatic).

One of the pillars that Guy Code is built on is the notion of putting your male friends and their need to get rowdy with you over and above any activity with a member of the opposite sex. Admittedly, this pillar causes the most amount of concern amongst guys because… you know… sex.¬†Aria Inthavong devised a social experiment to test just how far guys would go to tell a bit of a lie in order to help out a fellow dude, who is in trouble with his better half for doing something he shouldn’t have been doing.

Should you be worried about the ease at which these guys stood up for a total stranger by devising an elaborate lie? Definitely.

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