Bronx Shoes SA pioneers world’s first interactive beard growing billboard

Bronx kicked off their brand new campaign, which centers around “manovation” by sending me a very special “man pack” that included some shoes from their brand new range, a notebook covered in a “beard” and a mini braai. This was in their eyes, sufficient to turn me into more of a man given that it only takes me about 6 months to grow some stubble on my face.

In the past Bronx has not exactly been the most fashionable brand around in South Africa and thankfully they’ve begun to address this with their brand new range of shoes. The new Bronx range still stays close to paying homage to the traditional guy by keeping the materials used in their shoe production capable of outdoor use but have now changed the styling to make the shoes more wearable for guys who don’t want to look like they’re wearing school shoes, out. My personal choice is styled very closely to a brogue, replacing the suede with a far more wearable leather, making it instantly fashionable, capable of holding its own on the very trendy Kloof Street.

3 April saw the unveiling of the world’s first interactive beard growing billboard in Cape Town.

What on earth is that?

– is what you’re probably asking. Well it was pioneered in the spirit of ‘manovation’ by Bronx Men’s Shoes SA as a way to amuse and interact with their local customers through social media.

Bronx Men’s Shoes, the “Man Enough” brand in SA, has installed a six meter high portrait of a man’s face covered in stubble on the corner of Church and Buiten Single Street in Cape Town. South Africans, courtesy of a webcam, can then watch as every “like” on the Bronx Men’s Facebook page triggers the beard to grow. Yup, this dude could end up looking like a homeless Yeti should enough people decide to give the Bronx Facebook page a like.

“By pioneering this interactive billboard we want to connect with our customers in an unexpected way and introduce them to our rugged range of shoes. By asking them to engage with our Facebook page we’re giving them complete control of the billboard’s beard growth. We’re hoping that our customers appreciate the humour,”

commented Wayne Stanford, Brand Manager of Bronx Men’s Shoes.

Bronx Men’s Shoes’ preferred Creative Marketing Agency, Bletchley Park, conceptualised the idea and built the infrastructure with ropes, digital servo motors and Facebook integration. Anyone can check out the beard from April 3- May 1 2012 to witness the beard growth. For those not in Cape Town you can head over and like the Facebook page which will enable a webcam that allows you to watch the beard grow in real time from the comfort of your computer or mac.

Check out the Bronx Shoes SA Page over HERE and get liking.

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