British teen welcomes Trump back to the UK by mowing a giant penis on his lawn

British teen welcomes Trump back to the UK by mowing a giant penis on his lawn | Born Eco


Last year, Donald Trump was welcomed into the UK with a 20ft, inflated orange crying baby and this week, he’s been welcomed back with a “stiff” message.

Yesterday, Donald Trump was due to land in the UK for another state visit where he was once again, welcomed into the country with a creative and unique gesture…

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Born Eco, a climate change collective mowed a massive message across three lawns for the POTUS – ‘Oi Trump – Climate change is real’ – the message was accompanied by a large polar bear and on another field, a giant penis is mowed out, ejaculating onto Trump’s name.

A young hero by the name of Ollie Nancarrow and part of ‘Born Eco‘ told the press how he painstaking spent the day mowing his lawn which is directly beneath the Stansted flight path.

Trump has reportedly ramped up his security for the UK state visit in light of numerous protests which are set to take place in during his stay in London.

The anti-Trump organisation ‘Stand Up to Trump’, said protesters will bring the capital to a ‘standstill’. “By the time he leaves he will know – and the world will know – that people here reject him and his toxic politics,” the collective told the press.

Take a look a Trump’s welcome message below and read more viral content right here.

Born Eco 2019
Born Eco 2019



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