Bring It – A wild ride short film from some crazy bikers

In the midst of a global pandemic, one of the most unsung heroes is undoubtedly the humble and omni-present delivery guy. Come rain, snow or literally the plague, we can always count on them to bring us anything and everything, from the bare essentials to the most necessary and cherished of all… fast food!

Cape Town’s very own Theo Erlangesen takes to the streets in a never-before-witnessed act of dedication to both his two wheeled craft and to the godliest of all cheesy culinary dishes, the glorious Pizza.

Will he beat all odds? Watch and find out…

Theo Erlangsen

Production Company:
Butterfly Films

Director and Editor:
Luke Apteker

Felix Seuffert

Drone Pilots:
Darkwing Aerials

Kyle Stroebel – Refinery

Final Mix:
Michael Botha – The Workroom

Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’ (Columbia Records)

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