Brenda Fassie brought back to life at the Hansa Festival of Legends (SA’s 1st hologram concert)

 Brenda Fassie Hologram

I’m a pretty big fan of Brenda Fassie, which is partly due to her producing my ultimate party song – Weekend Special. She is definitely one of those artists who is really missed by South Africans and global fans alike. Now, for the first time in SA, we will get to see Brenda Fassie perform again thanks to holographic projection technology.

The popular South African singer will be recreated as a 3D holographic replica to perform on stage during the Hansa Festival of Legends, which will take place on Saturday 23 March. Apparently the 10 minute hologram performance was put together by a team of audiovisual professionals over the course of around six weeks.

As you’ve probably already seen from music festivals overseas (Coachella) that brought the likes of 2Pac and The Doors back from the grave, the hologram will make it seem like a life-size Brenda is performing on stage with her son, Bongani.

The festival will span 10 hours, from 14:00 to midnight, and will be held on the Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newton, Johannesburg. Four different stages will be set up for the festival and will each feature different genres including hip-hop and kwaito.

Tickets are priced at R150 and can be bought via Computicket.

Date                      Saturday, 23 March

Time                      2pm to 12pm

Venue                  Mary Fitzgerald Square, Newtown

Cost                       R150

Tickets                  Computicket


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