Breathtaking Videos Show Massive Shelf Cloud Forming and Crashing onto Shore.


This past weekend an extraordinary natural phenomenon was caught on camera in the USA. What appears in the distance to be a massive tsunami-like wave is actually the real-time formation of a shelf cloud over Lake Superior Michigan moving rapidly toward the shore.

The breathtaking site was captured multiples times by Holly Belongie Marenger and posted to Facebook. Marenger, who owns a vacation rental in the nearby area told media outlet KIRO 7 the experience was “pretty incredible” describing the wind as “so strong she couldn’t breathe”.

In the content captured by the manager, you can see the water being sucked back as the massive cloud rolls in. Read Holly’s facebook post and watch the mesmerizing footage below.

“So we just experienced the craziest thing ever. It was a sweltering 85 and muggy up here and the tide pulled out about 30 feet. (It is actually called a seiche I’ve been getting schooled on that) In the distance, it looked like a huge wave heading towards us so we decided to watch it come in. We didn’t get any rain but the wind was so strong when it hit shore you could hardly breathe. It lasted only about 10 minutes but I’m happy to report it’s a very comfortable 65 degrees out now!” – Holly Belongie Marenger

The Shelf Cloud Forming in The Distance, Resembling a Massive Wave.
The Massive Shelf Cloud Moves Inland Bringing with it Gale Force Winds.


The Receding Tide Returns and all Begins to Clear Up.

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