Breathtaking Footage & Detailed Breakdown Of The SpaceX SAOCOM 1A Falcon 9 Rocket Launch This Week.


This past week saw the successful launch of the SpaceX SAOCOM 1A Falcon 9 rocket in San Diego California, leaving in its departure a mass of breathtaking content.

In the synced footage below uploaded to YouTube by¬†SchmaveUCSB, you can watch both the launch webcast and SpaceX webcast so you can tell what’s happening better. Below is an exact timeline of the video which we’ve capped to start at 2min.

2:02 – My footage starts
2:49 – Boostback burn starts
3:35 – Cool footage of the first stage
5:34 – Second stage footage
6:18 – First stage entry burn
7:30 – SpaceX landing footage
8:40 – More views of the second stage
10:23 – SECO (Second Engine Cut-Off)

Watch the incredible launch below.

Timelapse shot of Space X Falcon 9 Rocket

Timelapse shot of Space X Falcon 9 rocket taking off above Downtown LA sunday evening.Credit: Emeric's Timelapse

Posted by The Mind Unleashed on Tuesday, 9 October 2018

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