Breaking Bad Finale Script Read


We’re really holding onto the past here at MyCityByNight, things have been really tough since Breaking Bad ended and we’ve been scouring the internet in a desperate bid to find anything that will keep us going until we have another crime-soaked drama to pass our time with. While searching, I came across a video where Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul read the last couple of scenes from the Finale of Breaking Bad.

The video is pretty cool, as it gives a bit of insight into just how the whole production was put together, but also offers up the fanboys and fangirls another chance to revel in the greatness of one of the best shows ever created. Strangely enough, I don’t think the concept really translates well to a South African rip off – I just don’t think that things in a local tik-factory are quite as glamorous as the meth-labs featured in the original show.

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