Break up your day with a little Marrow

Soup? No, no... this is bone broth...

Another little unassuming nook in Loop Street stood out to us this week: Marrow. With its wishbone signage, where you would have to look hard to find it, Marrow on 83 on Loop Street has opened up its doors to offer us some intriguing broths, unique additions, and simple sides: this is simplicity at its best.

Make sure to head there as early as possible to have your choice of broths in either a cup (R30) or bowl (R65), served with lovely sides such as sticky rice balls and soft-boiled eggs. This modest dish requires hours to develop the rich flavours and textures.

Step up to their counter where they serve five different broths daily and make an impossible decision with their menu: clear, green, white, brown and golden broths. The clear broth is made with bone broth and soy sauce, accompanied by roasted chicken, chorizo and spring onion; the green is with dashi broth, kombu, parsley and blended broccoli, with steamed white fish, steamed leak, tenderstem broccoli and fresh orange segments; the white broth is a vegetable broth deepened with some coconut milk, miso and lemongrass, made rich with its roasted aubergine, turnip strips, tofu and basil dressing; the golden broth is an Asian bone broth dressing paired kimchi, turmeric quinoa, roasted sweet potato and avocado, and lastly, the one we opted for, a bone broth with harissa, red wine, gochujang (a red pepper paste) accompanied beautifully by medium rare venison (Springbok), lentils, flaked almonds, zucchini ribbons and Turkish apricots.

The broth, in all its simplicity, is complex in flavours, with wholesome ingredients, with a little spice that is cut through with the tartness and sweetness of the apricot segments. Pair it with some rice balls or a soft-boiled egg, and one of their bone broth coolers with flavours such as nectarine, and rose and rooibos, blended with fresh orange. Beautifully plated, almost looking like art, this is the right place for a quick lunch break or catch-up.

A 4 from us!

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