Brandhouse – ‘Who’s Driving You Home Tonight’ Campaign

What started off as a quite, sunny morning and a nice little occasion at the Brandhouse offices with Sean Llyod, soon went to “I have enough friends and am not in a rush to meet any of those okes’.

So, being the guys that bring you the nightlife, we also big on being responsible and with that we bought you the Drive Dry campaign from December 2010. If you need a reminder, click HERE.

Well it’s part 2 of what was the brilliant ‘Love To meet You’ campaign aka ‘Papa Wag Vir Jou’… And let me tell you, its just as kreepy! Jurre!

The campaign called ‘Who Is Driving You Home Tonight’, is as creepy and uses some of the elements from the last campaign… ONLY BETTER!

Again the awesomeness of digital is being used in conjunction with traditional, with some great video viral aspects, Facebook and just as creepaly (yes I made up a word for the spelling fairy’s), email and mobile aspects that will make you literally make you shiver and shake! Natrually the TVC (below) and the billboard stuff is epically shot and very freaky (and i know it – sorry that was too easy).

You may recognize the song too… Suddenly gives it a new meaning doesn’t it.

Follow the cause on Twitter @DriveDry and Facebook

Hat tips go to FoxP2, Giant, Grapevine Interactive, Gloo, and the Brandhouse Team.

Anyway, here is the new Brandhouse Drive Dry TVC below, along with the stills of what you will be seeing in toilets, billboards and in print alike.

AND remember… We will tell you where the party’s at, just make sure you get yourself home safe and DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE, so you can be right back here to find out where your next party is!

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  1. “You may recognize the song too… Suddenly gives it a new meaning doesn’t it.”

    Well, Blue Eyes is actually a pretty dark song already – many people just don’t realise and sing along. It’s actually about a family murder, and the father trying to track down his blue eyed daughter who got away “daddy’s little blue eyes I come for you”, “Sorry to say the others didn’t make it”, “while I feed my arms for love murder”. When the song was released back in 97 Arno used to explain the meaning.

    So yea, very appropriate 😛

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