Brandhouse Diageo Reserve Tequila Cocktail recipe (& 1st Outlets announced)

Last week I mentioned that Brandhouse and Diageo Reserve have combined to launch the World Class Bartending Programme in South Africa. This week they’ve announced the first couple of “outlets” that will be participating in the programme along with one or two cocktail recipes put together by bartenders from these institutions on their Facebook fanpage.

The first participating outlets that were announced come from Western Cape, KZN and PE.


Buena Vista Somerset West

Cassa Del Sol







Luna Rosa

Oysterbox Hotel

Havana Grill

Fairmont Hotel

And here’s a killer tequila based cocktail (pictured above) from Siyanda Sokhele, of the Fairmont Hotel at Zimbali Resort who won the Tequila month of World Class in KZN. His cocktail, Don Picante Del Agua, is sure to impress the pants off most people.


50ml Don Julio Tequila
12.5ml Grand Marnier
25ml Cinnamon Syrup
25ml Fresh Lemon Juice
Slice Red Chilli
50ml Ginger ale


Shake and fine strain


Lemon zest rolled around a cinnamon stick with fresh chilli

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