Boyfriend gets busted looking at girls after he’s hypnotised to slap himself each time he does so

hypnotised boyfriend

It’s something that most of us guys would never ever admit to doing ourselves, but know deep down that it is definitely something we do all the time. Checking out other girls is almost hard-wired into guys’ genetic makeup, making it almost unavoidable to check out a fine booty as it strolls by us, while we’re at lunch with our significant other.

It was this well-known phenomenon that formed the basis of a skit for a tv show called “Look into My Eyes” where hypnosis is the backbone for generating laughs. A girl called Gemma got a hypnotist by the name of Archie Manners to hypnotise her boyfriend, making him slap himself each time he checked out another girl.

It’s super awkies for the boyfriend as he’s got literally no way of disguising his sneaky looks, even though he’s gotten to the point where he would have been able to do so, without really getting noticed. Oopsy… I reckon he’s going to have to be happy with his hand over the next few weeks.

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