Boxing legend Mike Tyson announces his cannabis partnership with the government of Antigua & Barbuda

Image | Instagram: @tysonranchofficial

Boxing legend, Mike Tyson recently announced his plans to take his established cannabis business to the Caribbean. Tyson, who claims to smoke about £33,000 (R600 000) worth of cannabis a month, founded Tyson Holistic Holdings back in 2016. The company sells marijuana strains, edibles, and merchandise. Tyson officially broke into marijuana-trade when he opened his cannabis ranch in California called ‘Tyson Ranch.’

After a considerable amount of scouting around for possible opportunities in the Caribbean, a solid plan was established between the boxing star and the government of Antigua and Barbuda – a place where thousands of Brits go on vacation every year.

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Speaking at a press conference, Antiguan Prime Minister Gaston Browne revealed Tyson’s plans to develop a cannabis farm alongside other ventures including entertainment, leisure and accommodation and even an annual marijuana conference that is expected to kick off as soon as April 2020.

Image: Daily Mail Uk

They are also looking at the whole area of entertainment and leisure and one of the most exciting projects that they will establish within the next nine months is the establishment of an annual marijuana conference here in Antigua.” – Antiguan Prime Minister, Gaston Browne

“It will be good for the country and will bring in much-needed funds to help your economy,” Prime Minister, Browne said. “Our tourism numbers are falling and anything we can do to promote and help bring in the tourists should be welcomed. We depend heavily on tourism which helps create employment for our people [and] are grateful to Mike Tyson for coming to the rescue.”

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The country has still been feeling the devastation from Hurricanes Irma and Maria back in 2017 and has mainly relied on tourism to help rebuild communities and support citizens who are currently without proper infrastructure.

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Image | Instagram: @tysonranchofficial


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