BORIS BREJCHA AT ERA — the details

There’s anticipation, and then there’s this.

We remember the feeling when CTEMF announced big bad Boris Brejcha as the headliner for the festival’s 2016 edition. We were excited. Very, very excited. But the man is shrouded in mystery and we didn’t really know what to expect.

Then CTEMF 2016 happened and Boris played. We couldn’t believe our ears. The way this guy reads the crowd is phenomenal. He doesn’t just stand there and mix good tracks together to make great music. He creates and curates nirvana.

Side note: his mask is unbelievable. You can lose hours of your life just looking at it. And you will have no regrets.

Anyway. When ERA dropped the hint that they had somehow managed to get Boris to return, we could barely believe it. The oke is a proper juggernaut in this game. Or should we say Jokernaught? No? Fair enough.

Point is, Boris occupies a very strange niche. The underground electronic music is, well, underground. There’s a fine line between being widely acknowledged as one of the best techno artists in the world by those within the community, and going mainstream.

Because we all know that one of the joys of being in love with this shit is that not everyone else does. It’s the hipster in us; the desire to be unique. To be able to see things in a way that most people don’t.

Underground music is our secret. And there’s nothing better than seeing an artist receive acclaim and acknowledgement within the pockets around the world of those in the know. Bubbling, simmering, but never boiling over. It’s the industry’s great tightrope.

Well, ladies and gents, we have our wire walker. Boris is tearing the Tunnel apart with his high-tech minimal music. Pencil Friday 16 June into the proverbial diary. It’s gonna be one for the books.

He’s supported by some of the hottest local artists in the game, selected specifically to compliment his sound. Acclaimed ERA residents like Ashton, B_Type and Agugio, amongst a couple of others, will help make sure this night is one that you can never, ever forget. Even if you don’t remember much.

We have no idea when, or even if, Boris will be back again. Tickets are extremely limited, so act fast to avoid disappointment. You can grab them here —

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