Booze & Kissing banned at the FIFA Club World Championships

MyCityByNight is always very accepting of differences in culture but this one time I felt it necessary to mention the rather “interesting” decision taken by Abu Dhabi officials to ban all alcohol and kissing in public during the FIFA Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi on December 8-18- keeping in line with Muslim law.

The rules, printed on leaflets and to be distributed to fans upon arrival in the United Arab Emirates, also warned that using drugs whether in public or private areas would result in prosecution (what the hell is the point then, right? haha).

“We are a Muslim country that has its own customs and traditions which should be preserved. Something like this should not anger the supporters,” the organising committee’s spokesperson, Shaza al-Rumaithy, told the newspapers.

Apparently FIFA “supports” such measures by any country hosting an international championship. Awesome. Not.

I’d love to see Italy’s Inter Milan supporters getting through an entire game without any beer or kissing each other all the time as those Europeans do like to do.

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  1. Why would FIFA allow such a conservative Muslim state to host the FIFA World Cup when soccer is known to be a “hooligan” sport and many fans are known to be “hooligans” as well and of course the majority of fans are footie crazy and kissing and drinking go hand in hand with the sport. I think this poses for some very serious consequences hosting the cup here. I respect all cultures and religions and I agree that their culture and laws should be obeyed by all visiting their country. But I do not think the FIFA World Cup should be hosted in this country at all because of such said strict laws – oi vey is all I can say! Gud luck to everyone going there for the event!

  2. I get that – don’t think it’s a big deal

    If FIFA has decided to ban it without support of the host then that would have been a different story

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