This Booty Bait Prank Produces Predictable Results

This Booty Bait Prank Produces Predictable Results

This video was uploaded to Youtube by an aspiring stuntwoman called Ev Alya as an experiment to see what would happen if she wore a rather fitted pair of grey hot pants, purple crop top and knee length socks while walking through London during the recent “heat wave” that they’ve been experiencing over there. As expected, there were a ton of creepers who did their utmost to check out her ass, proving that… erm actually I don’t know.

The video is quite entertaining and apparently Ev said that she had bucket loads of fun shooting the video, which I suppose makes it ok:

This video was so fun to make! Just showing what kind of reactions you get when you are curvy.

This outfit is obviously a bit more revealing but you see girls wearing shorts and crop tops all the timeā€¦

The one dude filming her was a bit of creep though. I’m not really sure what this “social experiment” was trying to achieve other than confirming that most men in London will find it difficult to ignore some slightly exposed bum cheeks.

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