Boosh 26 feat FUZIGISH, SHORTSTRAW & More

Boosh 26

The awesome peeps at Boosh have ended the incredibly long hiatus and decided it was time for them to throw another awesome event featuring some of South Africa’s best live music to the adoring public. The lineup has us salivating and we’re really excited to get down to Emmerentia on what is hopefully another nice and sunny Winter’s afternoon in Jozi:


This is what the organisers (Shortstraw) had to say about the ticketing situation:

Now, there’s another lil’ hiccup here – because of new ownership at the venue and other boring stuff, we’re forced to put a R20 minimum on our tip jar so we can at least afford to get the musos a bottle of wine to give their moms to apologise for not getting them Mother’s Day prezzies. Life is tough, guys. But you know that. And that’s why we love you. So feel free to pay more if you have some spare pocket money, then we can get wine with a cork and not a screw top. Yuss, big spendah!

It’s all happening at the Marks Park Pavilion and it’s on the 17th of May and it’ll start around 12pm. It’s gonna be fun. tell your friends. Please and thank you.

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