Book Your Spot At Sumo City at Paul van Dyk

Lumo Sumo is back to welcome one of the world’s biggest DJs, Paul van Dyk, and is guaranteed to offer the best spot at the Gatecrasher Summer Music Festival.

Stay at Sumo City – take the hassle out camping and party in comfort and with total peace of mind.

Sumo City will be the fattest spot at the Ostrich Farm – Tents setup in prime position, a chillout area with seating, hokkah pipes, shade, security, snacks.

Not only that, but affordable secure locker storage, mattresses and breakfasts are available, ensuring you have the most comfortable, chilled out spot at the party. Tents are going from R200 for the weekend and you are welcome to share tents, so bring your crew and we will make sure you are catered for.

Lockers will have 24 hour-security and are big enough to share with a few mates, making it really worthwhile keeping your valuables safe – party with total peace of mind!

Fill out this booking form to secure your spot in Sumo City.

For more information please mail or call 0797526911!

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