Book a Vacation into Outer Space in 2021 at the Luxurious Aurora Station.

This week Orion Span, a space technology startup announced their intention to launch a luxury space hotel called Aurora Station. The project is set to officially launch in 2021 and begin hosting guests by 2022. Tourists will be able to enjoy a variety of onboard activities like Wi-Fi, weightlessness, a virtual reality area on the holodeck and whole lot more.

The luxury hotel will only be able to host up to six people, two of which will be dedicated crew members. The entire trip last will 12-days and guests can expect to travel in low orbit just over 320 km above Mother Earth’s surface.

Aurora Station will complete one full orbit around our planet in just 90 minutes meaning that visitors will witness an average of 16 sunrises and sunsets every day as well revel full views of the northern and southern auroras from the station’s windows.

It goes without saying that anyone wanting to experience this extreme tourism would have to undergo comprehensive training which every guest will do. A vacation to Aurora Station will start at roughly R 113,000000 and will require you to undergo months of extensive training. Visitors will also participate in experiments on the Station like growing your own food which you may take home with you as a souvenir.

The company is currently accepting $80,000 deposits which are fully refundable and allows you to reserve your spot now. But that’s not all – Orion Span plans to sell off its space hotel in a timeshare-like model as well – where future owners can live in, visit, or sublease their space condos.

Such an exciting frontier, now lets hope the project actually makes way – onward and upward.


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