Boeries & Craft Beer – a match made in Gourmet Boerie heaven

The boerie is an integral part of life here in South Africa- almost every braai has them and we’ve even gone as far as calling our shlongs, boeries- the love affair is fairly apparent. The rest of the world has moved on since the invention of braai sausage and the traditional boerie is finally about to join an ever growing list of re-imagined products with the introduction of GOURMET BOERIE.

Gourmet Boerie is a restaurant set to launch in Cape Town later this month that aims to concrete the relationship between boeries and Craft beer. How do they plan to do this? Well the concept behind Gourmet Boerie taking a traditional Boerewors roll and Craft Beer and reworking it so that you’re getting something a little bit more special than a sausage in a roll. What’s really cool is that Gourmet Boerie is completely South African, with every item in-store produced locally by South Africans in South Africa. Ingredients have been sourced from local suppliers, all menu items are manufactured in SA and all merchandise and staff uniforms are made from native hemp – I mean even the furniture has been created by a local designer, this is as SAFFA as it gets.

The restaurant will feature three Craft Beers to begin with- Jack Black, Darling Brew and Devils Peak – which are all pumped from a cold room on site, ensuring ever-cold beer and maximum enjoyment. If Craft isn’t your thing, local SAB beer, as well as ciders and spritzers for the ladies and gays, are also available.

Craig Bright, co-founder of Gourmet Boerie and owner of Rocking the Daisies had this to say

“We are a  Proudly South African business that sells an iconic South African brand in a really fun, sexy and creative space that will be appealing to all South Africans and tourists alike,”

So what’s on the menu?

Silwood-trained, Kate Marek will be heading up the kitchen after working in London and Melbourne. Marek’s creations for Gourmet Boerie include The Breakfast Boerie, The Gorgonzola, The Hangover, The Herbiwors (pictured above), and even a Kiddies Boerie. Gourmet Boerie has something for everyone! Customers have the choice between traditional, lamb, chicken or vegetarian boerewors, with an Ostrich boerewors in the pipeline. All boeries are available on a selection of rolls. For those with a sweet tooth they offer traditional South African desserts such as Koeksisters, Milk Tart and Malva Pudding.

Oh and don’t worry, they’ve got sport covered too- there will be two 53” high definition plasma screens, crafting a place where local is truly lekker! I’m freaking amped… and damn hungry now.

Gourmet Boerie will be retailing its boerewors and Craft Beers to the public as from October 2012 (on publishing it wasn’t yet open to enjoy). You can find them at Buitenkloof Studios on the corner of Buitensingel and Kloof Street. All boeries are available as sit down or takeaway.

We’ll check it out once it opens and let you know if they can walk the walk after talking the talk. Dammit. I’m still hungry.

Connect with Gourmet Boerie on:

Twitter: @GourmetBoerie



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