Bob’s District Six is a newest party venue on the MyCityByNight list & it’s worth checking out

There’s a new club open in Canterbury Street that may soon be lending a hand to expanding the Cape Town club scene Bob’s District Six. Described as a “multi-genre, multi-purpose” space that can hold up to 600 party goers, Bobs’ is a fresh option for hungry local promoters to consider.

The venue has been fully equipped with brand new, state of the art audio gear and sound and even boasts an elevated DJ booth.  The club owners are striving to diversify and expand the limits to the type of audience this new space can reach – from live bands to DJs and more.  Since its humble opening only two months ago, Bobs has gained some traction with events happening almost every weekend like the popular Sunday house throw-down, Immersed!

This space is the old shell of the Harley Davidson club and has now turned its leaf in the favour of live local entertainment and the great news is – it’s not going to cost you a pretty penny! Bobs District Six has some of the most appealing drink specials with top brands, literally free Brandy on Friday & Saturday, and they even have 12 tasty, wood-fired pizzas on offer. This space is totally decked out with sufficient seating, fully stocked bar, food on offer and sensational sound.

Get in touch with Bobs District Six if you are looking for a hip venue for ANY event. Keep your eye peeled as we bring you more information about the upcoming parties at Bob’s District Six or follow their page right here.

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