Is This BMX Rider Nuts?

Is This BMX Rider Nuts? This Is Taking Extreme Sports To New Heights (literally)

Oleg Cricket BMX

I really don’t do well with heights and this total maniac of an extreme BMX rider hasn’t made it any easier to face my fears. The rider in this video is called Oleg Cricket and he is honestly one of the absolute craziest cats we’ve ever come across, pushing the boundaries of what is safe in the field of extreme bmx-ing.

The video below is not for the feint-hearted and shows Oleg going on a bit of a ride on the ledge of the ridiculously high skyscraper. It’s almost too much, but you can’t help but keep your eyes glued to the action. If you can make it to the 50 second mark, you’ll probably lose your lunch as this daredevil almost falls off the ledge to his death below.

No hey, definitely not for me.

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