Seeing as though Christmas is just around the corner, I was thinking I would give you all a sneak peak at what father Christmas should be is bringing me:)

It seems like BMW aren’t holding anything back with this bad boy. I give you the: BMW GT M1






So now that you all know what I want for Christmas, why not come drop it off in the next week or so, so I can get a good feel of it 🙂

But seriously, I think this is super hot. Concept car or not, I think BMW have made this car look like an absolute beast! As soon as I know the specs, you will know.

Some specs for this car are:

Engine: X6 Hybrid, 1.5-litre hybrid engine

BHP & Torque: 350bhp and 800Nm of torque

Top Speed: 155mph/ 262kph

Features: With an ultra-low ride height, active aerodynamics and an aggressive rear end, there will be no shortage of visual drama. Inside, there will be two-plus-two seating, and the low-slung driving position will be surrounded by cutting-edge technology, including a digital dash and multimedia connectivity, DCT gearbox. A three-dimensional head-up display that shows information such as speed and speed limits, economy and sat-nav functions, plus an advanced version of BMW’s iDrive cabin control system

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  1. just a golf cart with a power suit on, doubt it can hit o top speed high than 20kph… GTR FTW. I will take mine in white with red seats…

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