Blue Crush… 2!


So as some of you may know, our esteemed contributor and part time knee model Stroob is a big time heavy weight in Cape Town’s Film Industry. His lack of moral standing and continuous nagging has resulted in us being forced to put up his latest offering to the world of features.

Blue Crush 2 encompasses a whole bunch of people youve never heard of, and Roxy Louw in a speedo that just wont quit. A Brit plays an American, an American plays a Zulu and an Australian plays a bitch (although that seems a bit more realistic). Its filled with South Africans and was filmed up and down the west coast of our Rainbow Nation during winter last year. Stroob’s role as a colourist is kind of like photoshop for motion picture and he insists he was privy to nip slips and bikini failures for 3 months solid.

Either way this film looks ridiculously bad and its PG rating has ruined my dreams of Roxy in a naked asparagus eating contest. It wont make a cinema release but catch it on Blu-Ray, DVD, or .avi file on a friends hard drive soon!

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  1. I am really looking forward to this coming out.The girls look hot (and I am already in love with Sasha Jackson from seeing her in One Tree Hill in her undercrackers) so don’t diss it before you’ve seen it!! Bring on the girls

    1. @James: To be honest, Blush Crush 1 wasnt a hit, wasnt a great movie and really didnt do anything for me. So basically I have judged this movie on screenplay etc, not on the girls. I am not going to lie, the girls are goooooood! But the movie is a shocker… I dont think I would last longer than 15 minutes, and thats being nice.

      Sorry Stroob, I love your work but this is too much for Kreg 🙂

  2. Hahaha, no offense taken. I dont hold high hopes for it. But its big budget and pays the bills.

    One point of correction tho… Blue Crush 1 was a phenomenal hit. Wasnt a great movie but absolutely killed in sales. thus the reason they have made a sequel.

    If i could only broadcast the stills i have….

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