Bloody Agent- Julius Malema features on hot new house track


Ok this is one of the main reasons that I absolutely LOVE living in South Africa…  Of all the nations out there we’re fairly good at making fun of ourselves and more specifically, our political leaders- who supply more than enough material for comedians around the world to exploit…

Following closely on the heels of Andrew Kirkby’s super hilarious remix of the Mr Visagie from the AWB’s news interview antics, is this little gem that I found last night on Gus Silber’s Twitter overflow blog. Im not too sure who its by (whoever you are, great job!) but it had me in tears and also grooving quite nicely as well- I really cant wait to hear Julius Malema’s crazy rants about a foreign journalist being a “bloody agent” and “bastard” booming out of a proper sound system while breaking it down out on the town.

REVOLUTIONARY_HOUSE(just click the download button when the page loads)

Aah South Africa… you gotta love it

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  1. C'mon goose it aint that bad… we like it and we're definately NOT from the 90's 🙂 Weird though- suprised I havent heard it more on radio yet… I guess you cant have BASTARD as the core of your song's hook- not exactly radio friendly haha

  2. You ppl who dont like this song can all go DIE!!! This song Riks…if u had to play this at a house party the ouens wud go WIIILLLDDDD!!!!

  3. thats not live enuff.but i wont b giving that fool my energy!dont give gold to fools!

  4. Carwell, I dont give that fool any of my energy too, but a good song I will give all my energy too, as well as a little humour thrown in with it, I am a happy camper. Julius Malema is definitely not in my good books..

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