Bloedsuiers update: Suritha has dinner with the cast

As we mentioned some time back, MyCityByNight will be giving you the update on the filming and production of Bloedsuiers, the SA vampire flick as it progresses. Last week, one of the competition winners from the Bloedsuiers site had the opportunity to go and have dinner with the cast and find out a little bit more about the movie. We caught up with the winner Suritha Blake and asked her a few questions about the experience.

MCBN: How or where did you first hear about Bloedsuiers the movie?

Suritha: On Twitter. I am a follower of @RobVanVuuren. He mentioned @bloedsuiermovie and I started following ans also visited the website.

MCBN: What was your first reaction when you found out that you had won the

Suritha: I was in shock. It was early Saturday morning. I’ve just woke up and logged onto my e-mail. It didn’t register at first. Reality only kicked in later that day and only then I got really really excited.

MCBN: Where did you and the cast go for dinner?

Suritha: We had dinner Col Cacchio’s in Cavendish Square. That was without a doubt the best pizza’s I’ve ever had.

MCBN: Who was the funniest cast member?

Suritha: Definitely Darron. He really knows how to make you laugh. I will never forget that Doctor Evil impersonation and that Pink Panther pose he struck for the camera.

MCBN: What did you talk about?

Suritha: We’ve talked about so many things. From Social networking to religion and cooking. They asked me about my hometown and what I did for a living. We also talked about the movie and what I thought about the trailers. I’ve also learnt quite a bit about the movie industry.  

MCBN: Have you watched Twilight and do you think that vampires should sparkle, instead of just biting people?

Suritha: Yes, I have. And it is way to soft core and sugar coated for me. We are talking about vampires: bloodsucking, mean and violent creatures. Just leave the sparkling part to the slayer.

MCBN: Are you a fan of the traditional horror flick, or do you have a different favourite genre of movie? Like say animated Disney movies or German fart porn?

Suritha: Lol! Horror is my thing. I’d say a traditional horror movie with a twist and bending the rules here and there, without taking away the true essence of horror will cause great entertainment.

MCBN: What is the thing that excites you the most about the upcoming
Bloedsuiers movie?

Suritha: Vampires and Afrikaans! Homegrown “Skop-skiet-donner”,  the first of its kind and also the great cast.

MCBN: Vampire… or Vampire Hunter?

Suritha: Definitely Vampire. Suck on that. haha

We’ll be bringing you more exclusive insider looks in the months to come- stay tuned to find out the latest about Bloedsuiers as it happens.

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