Bloedsuiers- The South African Vampire Movie

Bloedsuiers… or Vampires have been fascinating audiences ever since the days of Bram Stoker and those black and white Dracula movies. Since then, the vampire flick has gone in several directions, some ridiculously funny, others more glamorous and sparkly (Twilight… sigh). I’ve always been a rather avid fan of the vampire, which is why when I heard about a “little” South African production starring a host of local rockers and starlets called Bloedsuiers, I just had to find out a little bit more.

Last week, I had the chance to catch up with Benjamin Cowley, the producer of Bloedsuiers in Greenpoint for a little chat about the upcoming film. While chatting about why vampires shouldnt sparkle and why the closest I got to running the 2Oceans Marathon (which he ran) was walking to the shops, instead of driving we managed to discuss what makes Bloedsuiers so different from anything that we’ve seen here in South Africa. The movie is being produced based on the principle of crowd funding- something that has never been done in mainstream South African film-making. As the name suggests- the film makes use of us, the audience to participate and support through a multitude of trade exchanges and pledges to create a film that appeals to Saffas and offers a sense of involvement, which surpasses the likes of anything else that you see on the big screen. I really think this is quite a revolutionary idea, that allows us as a movie-watching community to provide capital for film-makers to produce movies that we would actually like to see, that might not get the funding from some of the bigger entities out there.

The idea is that when you pledge on the Bloedsuiers website, you automatically become a member with a unique username that allows you access to a number of competitions, with prizes that include music concert tickets, exclusive merchandize, dinner with cast members, a chance to appear in the film and official music video alongside the cast. Apart from all of that awesomeness, you also get access to outakes and some special behind the scenes stuff that you would typically expect from a bonus disc.

Bloedsuiers is the first of a trilogy of movies with a cast that consists of some top local names, which includes the likes of Darron Meyer, Tyrel Meyer, Inge Beckmann, Rob van Vuuren, Porteus Xandau, Francois Van Coke, André Roothman and of course their latest addition- one of our favourites Jack Parow. In typical Parowanese he had this to say about starring in SA’s first vampire flick-

“’n Vampire movie… dis kool ouens. Super excited to be in a fliek with Francois and Inge. Lekker vibes”

The movie is predominantly in Afrikaans (don’t worry there will be subtitles for all for all of you who don’t understand)- with the expected mix of Parowisms and uniquely South African colloquialisms. It’s definitely a deviation from what we’ve traditionally been offered from local TV and film and that excites the living crap out of me. I’ve had a look around the members section and there’s some pretty cool stuff, that’s well worth checking out. The pledging phase for the Bloedsuiers has entered into its final stage, with one last push for funding being made. Come on peeps, get involved, for as little as R30 you could be a part of changing the landscape of South African film-making- because to be honest, I am sure we don’t need to see a 7de Laan movie instead a freaking awesome, rocked out, a little gory, darkish humour KILLER vampier flick!!!

Pledge categories range from R30 to R2,000, with each level of support giving you unique rewards, not to mention automatic entry into all the competitions and access to the exclusive members area of the website. All money raised goes directly to covering production expenses to make sure the film is as kick-ass as possible. This is the one and only time that I suggest that instead of buying that vodka Redbull, you spend it on a pledge.

For more on the general story and plot, have a quick squizz at the promo video below (0ne of many floating around the interwebs)

Hey? How friggin cool is that???!!!

MyCityByNight has the honour of doing some roving reporting on the film as it progresses and you can be sure that we’ll have some SUPER exclusive content coming your way from our visits to the set and what not… who knows, you might even see your FAVOURITE bloggers taking a bite out of a mooiness’ neck or dying a horrific death at the hands of a rather hungry VAMPIER.

Check out the Bloedsuiers website to get those pledges in!!

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