This Blind Skateboarder Skates Better Than All Of Us Combined

This Blind Skateboarder Skates Better Than All Of Us Combined


Last month we featured a blind skateboarder by the name of Marcelo Lusardi, shredding some moves as a bit of inspiration for you to get off your ass and go do something amazing with your life. We’re happy to say, this chap isn’t alone in his domination of the skateboard after checking out this video of skateboarder Dan Mancina (who is also blind).

In a recent interview with Jenkem Magazine, Dan discusses his visual condition Retinitis Pigmentosa, a hereditary degenerative eye disease, has slowly but surely made him blind along with the rather unique approach he’s taken to developing a method that still allows him to skate.

To still be able to skate (and shred some pretty gnarly tricks), he now uses an extended walking stick and a beeper that kind of allows him to “see” objects in his minds eye much like a bat would with sonar:

I really, really need to stop complaining – this guy is out there shredding it up while blind and I’m worried if a girl is going to text me back. What an inspiration!

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