This Blind Skateboarder Has Some Amazing Skills

This Blind Skateboarder Has Some Amazing Skills - Seriously Inspirational Stuff


So if you were in need of a bit of inspiration today give this video a watch. It features a skateboarder from Spain who unfortunately went blind over a number of years, but decided that this wasn’t going to be enough to put him off skating.

The guy we’re talking about is Marcelo Lusardi, who hails from Santiago de Compostela in Spain, who lost his eyesight due a degenerative disease. In the clip he can be seen using a modified cane to feel his way through the environment around him, while absolutely shredding it.

I mean seriously, this dude is miles better than me and I can see. Really inspirational stuff!

AMAZING! @the_blind_rider ???????? The love of skateboarding is such a powerful force ❤️

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