So for those of you that haven’t Googled this word, it comes up in the Urban Dictionary as a certain sound.

Now I won’t be putting the definition on here, because, well, I’d like you to go and do a little research for yourself, just so you know that I am not talking rubbish.

So whilst doing some investigating on the word, I came upon some interesting responses.

It seems, last week, while at a bachelor’s party, the groom-to-be got himself blind folded. Naturally this happened after the beautiful stripper had started doing her seductive dance, so the gentleman in question, was all to willing to allow these events to take place.

Unbeknown to himself, a very ‘caring’ friend decided to share the love, and ‘blap’ the unsuspecting boy on the forehead…

It seems, that this is common amongst the male gender.

They like to do it as ‘fun’ or as a joke…

I have to say, if a guy ever did that to me, I would not be smiling. In fact, he had better run, else he might find himself without his precious crown jewels!

Now what frightens me even more is that this event takes place often enough for it to even appear on Google – I mean, Flaya didn’t even appear in the Urban Dictionary, and more people knew the meaning of that!

Not being afraid to ask the masses, and I did, I enquired from a few peeps, to see in what type of friendship circle or caliber of individual you can expect to find this occurrence in…


From all the responses I got, the word or action ‘Blap’, would most likely to be found in an adult movie, “right before the money shot” (please note my very gentle use of language), or when the lads are showing one another some ‘affection’.

Other than that, it hasn’t happened to that many people that I know of…

Guess my question is; How many people does this need to happen to, for a circle of judges to decide on a word, and then register the word? And who are these people?

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