Blade Runner 2049 full trailer: no need for clenched arses

When Blade Runner burst onto screens in 1982 all bleak and brilliant, the world couldn’t cope. Under the stewardship of Ridley Scott, Harrison Ford and the rest of the gang entertained and enthralled. Finally, genre fans could point to something other than Star Wars as evidence for the excellence of science-fiction.

30 years after the events of the first film, we have the full trailer for Blade Runner 2049. With it comes the chance to dip toes into the water of our favourite dystopian world once again. Ryan Gosling returns to the big money blockbusters as a new blade runner. He goes in search of Han Solo (sorry) after uncovering a secret that may or may not plunge what’s left of humanity into chaos. Like, people might be nice to each other again. If he succeeds.

Jared Leto looks super spooky as the new bad guy and seems set to do everything he can to prevent nice things from ever happening. While we don’t think he’s totally to blame for the Hershey squirt that was Suicide Squad, the trailer gives the impression that Leto may be about to return to Oscar-winning form. Yoh, those eyes!

Anyway, the trailer doesn’t tell us much else. This is very, very good. Big ups to Warner Bros for a preview that shows us what the film will be like without telling us anything and everything about it. They’ve got the mood bang on and the cast looks solid. Direction should be assured too, with The Arrival director Denis Villeneuve manning the camera.

This is the sequel we never knew we needed. 6 October 2017, God, we’re excited.

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