Blackberry… Living life unplugged

For many of you who own a Blackberry the past couple of days have been incredibly different to life as you knew it when your tasty little friend never left your palm. You haven’t needed to charge your phone or turn it face down so the red doesn’t blink in your face reminding you to check who of the people that you have only met online actually loves you.

It really has been quite an experience for me as a Blackberry addict… My phone literally has not left my hand since I got it 2 years ago with me randomly going online to check for cake recipes while waiting for the Doctor or having a poo (not that ANYBODY would actually do that right?). Now, there is no point to my black friend other than making calls or sending sms’s and really who wants a phone that can only do that?

Just the fact that I have to go near a computer, turn it on and access all of the social media sites I am a member of individually, instead of with nifty apps makes it a huge shlep that really isnt worth my while. You don’t believe me? Well, just have a look at how much I’ve tweeted during the Blackberry Blackout of 2011- yup that’s right, nothing. This possibly shows the effect that mobile and tablet technology have made in the growth of social media and the ease at which we now share things with these devices. It feels like the age of the desktop computer is really coming to close with mobile and cloud storage technology taking over… something to look forward to if we could be guaranteed that the services would actually be able to exist without periods where connectivity to the world could be an issue.

This whole Blackberry Blackout has raised a very interesting issue, especially with RIM staying rather mum about the real cause and explanation for the multiple blackouts over the course of 48hours or so.

What happens when my stove at home is linked to my tv, which is linked to my house locks, which is linked to my handset- making the warm sausages on my arrival home along with slow motion playback of Britney Spears and her early music videos on the telly simple due to the gps co-ordinates on my phone telling all of this stuff to get going because I’m a block away… fails and I am no longer able use my phone to connect to my smart house.

Well… I would imagine that the outcome isnt as sinister as some of you might think. I’d probably just open the door with my normal keys, get the sausage out of the fridge, turn on the microwave and hit play on the PVR.

Screw you Blackberry. ha.

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  1. Hey Ricky, I was quite amused to read everyone’s frantic comments on fb about their BB’s and how they were not able to use them and “gas” how am i going to communicate!!!! I was like “pick up the phone” “send an email”. It’s not the end of the world. Sometimes people need to go back to basics or refer to basics if their up to date technology is not working for them. It’s like ppl had a mental block and couldn’t think of any other way to communicate.

    1. Totally. I mean it is frustrating not being able to communicate with the ease that we did before but it’s not the end of the world. Google failing on the other hand… I don’t think I would be able to cope with that. Where would I find my local pizza shop or the number for Adult World??!!

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