Blackberry App TuneIn Radio brings world radio to your phone

We all know that as it stands Apple and the iPhone are winning the war when it comes to amazing applications available for smartphones, with Blackberry and Android enabled phones hot on their heels (but to be honest playing in a different, lower league). 

Finally I think I have found a free app for the BB that is more useful than any messenger of Facebook application. This week I came across an App called TuneIn Radio that allows you to listen to over 40,000 radio stations, including your local AM/FM stations, programs and podcasts. That’s right with TuneIn Radio for BlackBerry® there is no longer a need to listen to the crap that is on local radio. The only thing worth listening to on there is Stacey Norman from KFM & Highveld Stereo anyways (

The application requires WiFi or celluar data connection. BIS-B and BES connections are not supported and the battery usage isnt exactly monumental- just keep an eye on what your service provider offers in terms of usage. Here’s the best bit- it even runs on the crappy curve without a hitch. You can choose from a selection of genre dedicated channels as well as listen to podcasts from your favourite djs (Pete Tong, Armin van Buuren, Annie Mac) all day long. World radio right to your phone.

Want it? Go here now: TuneIn Radio

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