Black Panther to Break a Three-Decade Cinema Ban in Saudi Arabia.

Back in the early 80’s, after adopting radical conservative standards, Saudi Arabia banned movie theatres across its Kingdom up until this very month.

Last week it was announced that as part of his initiative to transform and uplift Saudi society,  Prince Mohammed bin Salman would be lifting the 35-year cinema ban for the screening of “Black Panther” which will also allow men and women to sit together.

Global entertainment brand, Disney and its Middle East distribution partner, Italia Film will be hosting a massive gala premiere which will be taking place on April 18 in a brand new AMC cinema in Riyadh. The world-wide Marvel hit will break three decades of ice in the King Abdullah Financial District in a posh building that was intended to be a symphony concert hall. The opulent space is fitted out with 600 leather seats, decorated balcony levels and even marble bathrooms.

AMC Entertainment hopes to see up to as many as forty new theatres within the next five years in the Kingdom and even up to 100 by 2030. Way to go Wakanda!





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