Big Weekend Coming Up? Stock Up On This Anti-Hangover IceCream ASAP!

Now this is a really great way to beat a hangover

Eating ice cream is great… a hangover is NOT. Enter the Gyeondyo-bar from South Korea, which has been scientifically proven to help smash your hangover to itty-bitty pieces. The Gyeondyo-bar is an ice cream sandwich whose name roughly translates to ‘hang in there bar’ (pretty apt when you consider how bad our last few hangovers have been). The ice cream life saver is grapefruit flavoured and contains small amounts of oriental raisin tree fruit juice.

The oriental raisin tree fruit juice is a traditional South Korean hangover cure that has been used for centuries, which has now been mass produced as a delectable ice cream. Now we just need to find somewhere that can ship to SA…

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