Big Sorry!

Hey everyone, we’d like to send out a huge apology for the lack of a site yesterday- we had to go through a little bit of routine maintenance… But we’re back today and will be throwing some good content your way, at least if we can stop being hungover for long enough that is…

Anyways to show you exactly how sorry we are we’ve whipped out the SORRY HAMSTER (reserved only for times when a big apology is deemed neccesary)


Have a top Wednesday boys and girls xoxo(not because gossip girl does that)

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  1. im glad you guys are up and running again. my brain felt kak lonely yesterday cause of the lack of info

  2. Haha… Well that makes us feel wanted and very happy! Nice one levi- we’ll be sure to reward you for your loyal support with a bit of free booze tm night at Pure Filth! 🙂

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